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what is mybtbdb?

myBTBdb is much more than just a Bad Taste Bear database. myBTBdb gives collectors a way to create and manage their own collections. As a member you can:

  • Create a database of all the bears in your collection.
  • Show off your collection at
  • Make a list of bears you want to add to your collection.
  • Make a list of bears you have for trade or sale.
  • Earn 'medals' based on your collection size, quality and rarity.
  • Rate & comment on all the bears in the database.
  • Upload photos of your bears and collection, and have them commented on & rated.
  • Find members that have the bear that you want, and organize a trade or sale with them.
And much more! So what are you waiting for? Signup now and start your BTBdb!

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Golden Bears
Posted on the 14th of July 2014 @ 11:37pm

Its that time again.... to go for GOLD!!!

Bears have began to dispatch today so we should start getting some ratios soon

Approximately 300 (Eeeek try nearlly 400 Oddco!!) bears available across the promo - Bears are all available to add to your mybtbdb now.

KN08 - 1/2
SPUNKY - 1/6
MUMMY - 1/10
RENTON - 1/10
BANE - 1/10
MIKE HUNT - 1/16
T1T5 - 1/22
TODD - 1/25
I ♥ ZOMBIES - 1/30
SETH - 1/30
THE COUNT - 1/30
MERV - 1/30

FAMINE - 1/50
WAR - 1/50


From the Collect@ signing on 19th July 2014
DEATH - 1/75

Missing Bears from
Posted on the 25th of June 2014 @ 7:46pm


If you notice any bears missing from, that aren't on the coming soon list please make us aware here -

Possible things we may miss are Storage Box bears, Pete's Auctions, Oddco auction prototypes/greys, Competition/Promo Prizes etc

Please use one post per bear as once its been added we will remove that post giving us a list to work from when we get some spare time, we can also use this to give you an update on any issues preventing a bear being added.

Be aware we admin do this for "fun" so no timescales on adding bears but we will do our best to add everything we believe to be authentic and for the good of the overall site


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