About myBTBdb

What is myBTBdb?

myBTBdb is a collector's database of Oddco's Bad Taste Bear collectable figurines. myBTBdb allows it's users to create and maintain a database of their own Bad Taste Bear collection, wants and trades.

Who created myBTBdb?

myBTBdb was created by Rob, a long-time Bad Taste Bear collector who noticed many users of the Official Bad Taste Bear forum seeking information about certain bears, and a user-friendly way of organising trades and wants.

Is myBTBdb free?

Yep, 100% free. Forever!

How to use myBTBdb

Where do I start?

Well, if you wish to maintain a database, the best thing to do is to sign-up. Registration is completely free, and you can begin immediately! Of course, if you prefer you can browse the bear database completely anonymously, and find out a wealth of information about your favourite bear!

How do I add bears to my collection?

Once you have logged in, go to the 'Manage Database' link on the left-hand navigation. From here you should choose Simple or Advanced mode (Simple mode is recommended for first time users), then follow the instructions. Alternatively you can add a bear to your database directly from it's information page, by ticking the relevant box.

How do I find out which collectors have a bear I want?

Browse to the bear's main page, and click the "(X) Members To Trade" link. This will bring up a list showing all the collectors who currently have that bear available to trade. Click on a collectors name to view their profile, and then you can contact them to arrange a trade. Some members may be set to 'Anonymous', and will not be displayed in the list.

How do I upload pictures?

This depends on which picture you want to upload. If you wish to upload a generic picture of a specific bear, so that it appears on that bears information page, once you are logged in click on the 'Upload Picture' button, and follow the instructions. If you want to upload pictures of your collection, or similar images to appear in your private gallery, once logged in, click the 'Upload Image' link on the left-hand navigation, and follow the instructions.

I've noticed a mistake on one of your pages! What do I do?

You can make a suggestion or correction on any bear page by clicking on the 'Make Suggestion' link once logged in. All suggestions and corrections appear daily on the Log page. The log system works on social interaction. Once someone makes a suggestion, it requires agreement from 10 other members before it is confirmed and changed. All members can either agree or disagree with your suggestion/correction by clicking on the appropriate Thumbs Up/Down icon.

Account Questions

I've forgotton my password!

Click here to retrieve your login details.

How do I change my password?

Go to the Manage Settings page, you can change all aspects of your account there.

What are the 'Anonymous' and 'Allow Messages' options about?

Some people like the idea of maintaining a database of their collection for personal reasons, and don't want to share it with everyone, or they simply don't want people to know what bears they have, for these people we have an option of remaining anonymous. Whilst anonymous, your name will not appear on any lists, and your profile will not be viewable by anyone except yourself. If you don't want people to send you e-mails (Note: your email address is never revealed on this site, only by the person receiving the e-mail), uncheck this box, and you will not be contactable via the site.

I don't want to be a member anymore, how do I delete my account?

Go to the Manage Settings page, there you will find a 'Delete Account' button, once you click it, you will be prompted for your password, and asked if you are certain, once you confirm these your account, and everything associated with it (database, images, comments etc...) will be removed from the site. None of this is recoverable, so be sure this is what you want!

Medals & CollectorsBadge Questions

What is a 'CollectorsBadge'?

Every collector is issued a CollectorsBadge, it is a small image that you can dispay on your forums, websites or social network profile page. It displays your avatar, how many bears in your collection, what medals you have achieved, amongst other things. To get yours, click on the 'CollectorsBadge' link, once you are logged in.

How do I display my CollectorsBadge on forums/my website/facebook?

Once you have selected the style of CollectorsBadge you want, you will be provided with the neccessary code to copy and paste where you wish to display.

What are the 'medals'?

Medals are awarded for reaching certain milestones with your collection and account. Things like collecting 100 bears will unlock the '100 Bears Collected' medal, which you can display proudly on your CollectorsBadge and profile page. What medals you can unlock are kept secret until they are earnt!

I've fulfilled the requirements for medal 'X'. Why isn't it on my profile?

The medals system is quite resource intensive, and as a result it is only processed once every hour. Any change to this will be announced in the news section on the front page..

Can't I just cheat to unlock some of these medals?

Sure you could, but where is the fun in that? Medals have absolutely no real world value, so you'd be cheating no-one but yourself really. The Bad Taste Bear collectors are a tough, cynical bunch as well, and claiming to have some of the harder to obtain bears might be easier proved if you uploaded some pics of them to your gallery!

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