Brand New Exclusive Sneak Peek! And stuff...
Posted on the 16th of October 2013 @ 5:52pm

It's been well over a year since had a sneak preview for its wonderful members, but thanks to the guys at OddCo, we're delighted to announce that another is on its way this coming Friday!

On the 18th October, we shall be posting a brand new sneak peek on the mybtbdb forum, so make sure you are registered to be one of the first to gaze upon its glory!!


Meanwhile we will be adding Polly, Spirit World Polly and Blood Clot Isaac once they start landing down in colections - so hopefully not much longer?!


As for any Storage Bears rarities, the same rules apply from last time. Unless there is something noticeably different or it's a paint sample clearly stated on the certificate, we wont be adding it. So please send anything our way if you feel it deserves a place on the site.


Thankyou, and good day! Smile

Posted By Transformer on 17/10/13 @ 7:03 am
Admin comment
Welcome Tooner... Hopefully updates will be more timely now with an extra pair of hands ;-)

Be gentle with him!

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