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Posted on the 17th of December 2013 @ 11:06am

Hi guys,

firstly i'd like to thank everybody who came to the Mybtbdb charity raffle over the weekend, we had a great time, and congratulations to everyone who won some fantastic prizes! Also a big thankyou to all those who donated the prizes for this great cause, including Pete and OddCo staff! Laughing We also manage to hit out target of £250 too, which was fantastic.


Ive been busy spending the morning updating the site with a plethora of bears from the previous Storage Bears promotion, and also adding the new 16" bears and Trigger and Spirit World Trigger have now also been added.

The Keyring greys will be added within the next few days, along with any specialties from the current Storage Bears ebay listings. As always we ask that you get in contact with us to tell us what you have found so we can add it to the database, providing its not just a standard bear.

Thankyou, and good day!


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