Posted on the 20th of February 2015 @ 9:36am

Have you noticed any error(s) in the

If you spot anything thats wrong or missing, such as a release date, release quantity, missing comments, retirement date, missing icon picture, better icon picture available now.... and so on then please let us know so we can correct/add it

We usually add the bears in batches and as it can be a quite time consuming and repeatative things could get overlooked.

Add any corrections as a comment on this news thread

Posted By tommot on 23/02/15 @ 1:22 pm
When clicking on the ymca bears screech isn't included on the list and some of them have there pink version as there avatar instead of the normal core
Also the bears of Britain link is missing leprechaun normal and gold
Posted By darthjason on 01/03/15 @ 11:00 pm
Jason II GITD is a LE of 200.

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