New Bears Starting To Arrive Today
Posted on the 6th of August 2015 @ 5:22pm

New bears are starting to arrive with lucky punters from today

Gordon (Std, Metallic Silver, Black Variation)
Les Cargo (Std, Metallic Green , Black Variation)
Joe Blobbs

If you are interested in owning any of these bears see BAD TASTE BEARS - THE LOST BEARS on facebook or get in touch via the forum here.

Posted By Cerberai on 07/08/15 @ 11:49 pm
Hi, how can I get my hands on these lost bears? 😀
Posted By Transformer on 09/08/15 @ 10:36 pm
Admin comment
Are you on facebook?
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Posted By frankie on 10/08/15 @ 10:00 am
Hi . I am interested in a few of the lost bears . How can I purchase them if possible . I am not on facebook .
Posted By Transformer on 13/08/15 @ 7:16 pm
Admin comment
email for more details
Posted By badtastebear on 26/08/15 @ 11:05 am
Any idea when the next bears, (Sooty Etc) will be available?

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