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Posted on the 17th of February 2016 @ 7:10pm

With Oddco gone for nearly 12 months finally some new BTB Products from Nemesis Now are beginning to filter through.

The range can be seen at following link:

Although it’s not the usual figurines we have come to know and love, it’s a homeware range, some stationary and clocks. All designed to get the brand noticed again and hopefully figurines will return in the not so distant future?

This is my favorite product (Lydia - The Bottle Opener) but to be honest not sure this new homeware range is for me?

Posted By Transformer on 17/02/16 @ 7:12 pm
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Note: Nemesis Now only sell to trade buyers so you will need to find a retailer to purchase individual items.
Posted By Mazza389 on 18/02/16 @ 12:01 pm
Yeh, I agree. All the hullabaloo about "The Bad Taste Bears are back!!". No, they're not, *yet*. It's a homeware range, which I have no interest in. Oddco dabbled quite a bit in alternative BTB merchandise (wallets, caps, snow globes etc etc) and that didn't really take off. I really hope I'm wrong, and I will buy some of the new stuff to support (toilet roll holder is good), but this isn't why the brand became popular. Hopefully it *will* inspire new blood and encourage good sales, resulting in the core range making an appearance one day again. I understand it is difficult to just continue what was being done before when ultimately it resulted in close of business.

On a good note, I'm quite excited about the "Floating Heads" range that Pete is working on. Sounds quite cool, and something I may collect (already an evil clown and medusa design on Pete's page). So I'm going to roll with it for now.

I would also hope that they decide to keep some sort of "Hidden Treasures" format for some of their stock. It was the whole reason I started collecting in the first place (Buy Back when I started mid noughties), and it's a great format which encourages multiple buys and that excitement of possibly getting something rare. They would be mad to ignore that.
Posted By wafu on 26/02/16 @ 9:23 pm
Absolutely I agree "the bad taste bears are back!!" No they're not. Sorry but no , not what I was looking forward to.

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